Best Psychologists in Amritsar,Ludhiana,Chandigarh,New Delhi,Mumbai

Best Psychologists in Amritsar,Ludhiana,Chandigarh,New Delhi,Mumbai

A healthy individual is not only physically healthy, but is also mentally healthy. The modern concept of health extends beyond the proper functioning of the body. It includes a sound, efficient mind and controlled emotions. Health is a state of being hale, sound or whole , in body, mind or soul. It means that both body and mind are working efficiently and harmoniously. Human being is an integrated mechanism, a psychosomatic unit, whose behaviour is determined by both physical and mental factors.

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Mental health is today recognised as an important aspect of one total health status, it is a basic factor that contribute to the maintenance of Physical health as well as social effectiveness.

It is a normal state of well being, and is a positive but relative quality of life. It is a condition which is characteristic of the average person who meets the demands of life on the basis of his own capacities and limitations. By the word relative we imply that the degree of Mental Health which an individual enjoys at any given time is continuously changing.

Mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness. On the other hand,it is a positive, active quality of the individual’s daily life. This quality of Living is manifest in the behaviour of an individual whose body and mind are working synchronously. His thoughts, and actions function harmoniously towards the common end. It means the ability to balance feelings, desires, ambitions and ideals in one’s daily life. It means the ability to face and accept realities of Connotes such habits of work and attitudes towards people and things that bring maximum satisfaction and happiness to the individual. But the individual gets this satisfaction and happiness without any friction with the social order or group to which she belongs.

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From this, one can conclude that mental health has two important aspects. Both individual and social. Individual aspect connotes that the person is internally adjusted. He is self confident, adequate and free from internal conflict and tensions or inconsistencies. He is enough to be able to adapt to new situations. But he achieves this internal adjustment in a social setup. Society has certain value systems, and traditions by which it governs itself and promotes the general welfare of its members. It is within this social Framework that the internal adjustment has to be built up. Only then, the individual becomes a person who is acceptable as a member of society.

It is an undeniable fact that social forces are in constant flux constantly moving and changing. Similarly, our internal adjustments are also affected by various stresses.

As such, mental health is a process of adjustment which involve compromise and adaptation, and continuity. Because of the significance of individual and social aspects, some psychologists have defined mental health as the ability of the individual to make personal and social adjustment.

If a person can establish a satisfactory relationship between himself and this environment, between his needs, desires and those of other people, or can meet the demands of a situation, he has adjusted. Adjustment results in happiness because it implies that emotional conflicts and tensions have been resolved and relieved.

Other definitions of mental Health referred to abilities such as making decisions, assuming responsibilities in tune with one’s capacities, finding satisfaction,success and happiness in the accomplishment of everyday tasks,living effectively with others and showing socially considerate behaviour.

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Do You Enjoy Peak Mental Health ?

To know,if you are truly a mentally healthy person,please go through the under mentioned characteristics of a Mentally Healthy Individual.


From the discussion above, we can deduce certain characteristics that a mentally healthy individual a, well adjusted person possesses or develops. These characteristics can serve as criteria for optimum mental health.

1. A well adjusted person has some insight into and an understanding of his/her motives, desires , weaknesses and strong points. He/She can evaluate his/her own behaviour objectively and can accept her shortcomings and weaknesses.

2. He/She has a sense of personal worth, feels important. He/She has self respect and feels secure in a group.

3. Besides this security as a member of the group, such a person feels that he/ she is wanted and loved. In other words, he/she has a sense of personal security.

4. He/She has faith in her ability to succeed, he/she believes that he/she will do reasonably well whatever he/she undertakes. She/he solves his/her problems largely by his/her own initiative and effort. He/She feels confident of everyday life, more or less effectively.

5. A well adjusted person or  a mentally healthy person can get along with other people. This means he/she has an understanding of other people’s motives and problems. He/She appreciates the many differences that he/she finds in people. Moreover, he/she can give and accept love, can form friendship which are satisfying and lasting and which gave him/her a sense of belongingness.

6. Such a person has some understanding of his/her environment and of the forces which he/she must deal. Equipped with this understanding, he/she plans ahead but does not fear the future. He/She has the capacity to face realities rationally and objectively.

7. He/She has developed philosophy of life that gives meaning and purpose to his/ her daily activities. This philosophy is rooted in reality. It makes him/her do something concrete about problems as they arise. He /She does not evade responsibility or duty.

8. Such a person lives in a world of reality rather than fantasy. Reality rather than fantasy or wishes or imaginary fears govern his/her behaviour.

9. He/She has developed capacity to tolerate frustrations and disappointments in daily life.

10. He/She shows emotional maturity in his/her behaviour. This means that he/she is able to regulate such emotions as fear, anger, love , jealousy and expresses them in a socially desirable manner.

11. He/She has a rational attitude towards problems of physical health, and maintains a daily routine of health practices which promote healthful living. He/She practices good health habit with regard to nutrition , sleep, relaxation, physical activity, personal cleanliness and protection from disease.

12. He/She is able to think for herself and can make his/her own decisions. He/She think clearly and constructively in solving his/her problems.

13. He/She has a variety of interest and generally lived a well-balanced life of work, rest and recreation. He/She has the ability to enjoy and gain satisfaction from her routine work. According to Fromm a mentally healthy person has developed a zest of Living that includes a Desire for activity which is reflected in an attitude of utilizing what ever potentialities he/she possesses, in productive forms of behaviour.

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Before learning about the Unparallel Method of Treatment at Mind Solutions, Internationally acclaimed Team of Psychologists,Spiritual Healing Grand Masters,Paranormal Psychologists,Clinical Hypnotherapists,Mind Programming Expert Life Coaches,Let me first mention here the Principles and Ethics of Psychologist and counsellor being adopted in Mind Solutions:

Principles of Psychology & Counselling Being Adopted at Mind Solutions:

Psychology/Counselling is a helping relationship that is usually conducted face to face. Two conditions are necessary for a relationship to be labelled as counselling.

First of all the client should have a problem and Secondly The Psychologist/Counsellor should be skilled in working with such problems.

It is important for Psychologist/Counsellor  to recognise and understand a clients unique qualities. The Psychologist/Counsellor must have genuine respect for clients and accept them as they are.s

It is necessary to allow client to express their feelings without condemning criticizing them. Only when the counselors are sensitive to the clients feelings can they understand their meaning and respond to them accurately.

The principle of confidentiality is very important in a counselling relationship. It is the right of a client to expect that what he reveals will not be disclosed to anyone.

The clients freedom to make independent decisions must be encouraged. This will promote responsibility on the part of the client to make the necessary changes.

A Psychologist/Counsellor does not have the right to impose his/her values on the client. Psychologists/Counsellors must work within the framework of the basic value system in a given society.

The physical setting should be taken care of. Counselling has to be done in a private and relatively informal settings.

Counselling is a process and it involves sequential steps towards a goal. Initially, counselor and client must establish contact and the clients problems have to be identified. This is followed by in-depth exploration when the client reaches a clear understanding of his problem and life situation. A new sense of direction is formulated which enables the client to identify specific goals for change and the action plans to implement the selected goals. It is possible to reach these steps only if good rapport and trust has been established. As the client tries out his action plans the Psychologist/Counsellor supports him and evaluate the effectiveness of newly acquired behaviours on attitudes.

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Counsellors Skills

Rapport building:-

Rapport is generated by the smoothness with which a Psychologist/Counsellor handles the initial session. It is characterized by pleasantness, confidence, sincerity and interest and an ability to put the client at ease. It is the Rapport that enables the client to examine himself/herself and his/her defences.

Attending and listening:-

Attending refers to the ways in which Psychologist/Counsellor can relate with their clients both physically and psychologically. It is important to maintain positive eye contact. A Psychologist/Counsellor must be relaxed and convey the message to the client non verbally that he is willing to work with the client. Listening is the ability to capture and understand the messages plants communicate verbally and non verbally. A good Psychologist/Counsellor will try to listen almost 90% of the time and talk only 10% of the time. Active listening means observing the non verbal messages of the client, watching the client to talk by nodding the head or responding with words such as go on and hmm hmm. Active listening is not as easy as it sounds. Many people listen evaluatively or judge what the client is saying in term of right wrong or good bad.

Carl Rogers emphasized 3 core conditions empathy, positive regard and genuineness as the necessary and sufficient conditions for personality change. These can be considered as skills or attitudes.


Empathy has been described as putting oneself in the other person’s shoes. It Involves translating the counselors understanding of the clients experiences, behaviours and feelings into a response and sharing the same with the client. Empathy and courageous communication and helps clients to see themselves and their problems situations more clearly.

2.Positive Regard:

Positive regard is caring and is expressed by the enthusiasm shown by The Counselor for being in the presence of the client. It means accepting the client as he is unconditionally, regardless of whether his behaviour or feelings are positive or negative. It is important for Counselor to work through his own feelings of disregard when they deal with a client for whom it is difficult to show positive regard. If this is not possible it will be better to refer him to another Counselor.


Genuineness on congruence, as Rogers called it, means that counselors do not communicate dishonestly or present an image that can deceive the client. To be genuine, counsellors should know themselves very well. When the counselors are genuine, the clients will also be encouraged to be genuine.

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Before Opting for a Psychologist or Counsellor,You must know the Qualities of a Good Psychologist/Counsellor..

Qualities of a Good Psychologist & Counsellor

1.They should develop an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and the socio-cultural context in which they operate.

2.Counsellors should have an interest in helping others and like to reach out to people. They should be warm and be able to communicate caring and respect for people they are trying to help.

3.They should be able to build relationships and have good interpersonal skills.

4.They should be able to communicate well. Sign they should be genuine and transparent in their relationship and show our commitment to be non defensive. They should be ready to go through continuous self examination.

5.They should be fairly well adjusted and be able to cope with their life problems in a constructive manner.

6.They should perceive and understand the thoughts and feelings of the clients and be sensitive to the clues given by them.

7.They should not imposed their values on the client.

8.They should be tolerant of individual differences.

9.They should be organised and have good work habits.

10.They should have a sense of humour.

11.They should be versatile and flexible in their approach.

12.They should be attentive to self care end appearance.

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