Mind Solutions
Mind Solutions is a highly educated, experienced & Expert Team of counsellors, psychologists, educationists & Spiritual Healing Grand Masters based in Holy City of Golden Temple, Amritsar, India . We are dedicated to helping individuals through a holistic approach to the healing process that considers physical, psychological and spiritual well being to be inseparable components.

A Holistic Harmony Healing Home
Team Mind Solutions is a research and teaching community that networks together to spread the very best inspirational complete indepth knowledge on Mind Power Development & Bio Energy Healing.
Mind Solutions – A Holistic Harmony Healing Home was founded in 1992, under the presidentship of Mr. Fauja Singh Sohal,a pioneer in the field of Bio Energy Healing and human psychology,who dedicated his life for healing the ailing humanity.
At present Mind Solutions (Govt. Registration No : 685, Dated : 24/05/2019) along with its sister concern Manroop Miracle Mind is being run by a highly qualified educated expert team of Counsellors, Psychologists ,Educationists & Spiritual Healing Grand Masters under the ownership of Divraj Sohal & Devinder Sohal.

Our Mission
Our mission is to inspire, enlighten and educate every person on the earth to the awareness of their great potentials.
Our aim is to help you discover the wonders of Bio Energy Healing & Mind Power for yourself ,and also to give you the tiniest glimpse into our meta physical world.
We want you to see, may be for the first time, the glorious you that you truly are-Strong, Powerful, Beautiful, unstoppable and-most importantly-divine.
We are committed to help you in your journey of self discovery which can lead you to a place of contentment, meaning, fulfillment, happiness and joy.
You see, you are an incredibly powerful spiritual being; only you have chosen to forget all about it. You have chosen temporary spiritual amenesia which has resulted into your sufferings.
We are going to act as a catalyst to help you restore your memory and return you to your senses.
We want to fill you with a true sense of your own magnificence and, most importantly, a grand understanding of your own absolute, inviolate, impeccable sovereignty.

Team Mind Solutions

Guru Devinder Singh Ji
Chief Director ( Metaphysical Sciences)
Spiritual Healing Grandmaster – Spiritual Hypnosis Master Coach – EFT Trainer – Theta Healing Master Therapist – Spirit Releasement Expert.

Psy. Divraj Sohal (Masters in Psychology)
Chief Counselling Therapist & Psychologist ( Mind Power & Energy Psychology)
Counsellor – Clinical Hypnotherapist – Mind Programming Expert – NLP Master Coach- Energy Psychologist – Manifestation Coach