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You, Your Home ,Your Business Could Have Earth Bound Spirits Or Black Magic Rays

Entity Contamination and Black Magic (Kala Ilam) is the root cause to so many problems.. ..

These problems  include; Mental Disorders like Impotence (Napunskta), Depression, OCD, Insomnia,Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias , Schizophrenia, Burst of Anger, Drug Addictions, Alcohol Addictions, Medical Drugs Addictions,  Porn/Sexual Addictions, Suicide,   Relationship Problems, Blockage in Marriage, Divorce, Extra Marital Relations, Infertility (Banjhpan), Serious Health Problems, Hyperactivity, Mental Retardation, Bad Habits, Gambling, Business Failure, Money Problems, Blockages in Every Work, Personal Growth  and Spiritual Development and Many Many More Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Problems…..

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Spirit Releasement is a Part of Paranormal Psychology. Don’t Waste your time and money by running after Black Magic Specialist Baba ji. Just make a Call on 8198804567 or 9592004567 to Expert Paranormal Psychologists of Mind Solutions, The Institute For Mind Power and Spiritual Studies.

OR Read the Article below:

The existence of discarnate spirits has been acknowledged since human history began.

Shamanism is man’s oldest form of relationship to spirit and is thought to date back to the Neolithic period. The shaman is known to work with spirit helpers including those of animals, and to drive spirits out of people in order to cure physical and mental illness. This practice of releasing spirits from people and places has been commonly known as exorcism and is an ancient part of the belief system of many world religions.


Exorcism or spirit release or rescue is very wide and fascinating area which encompasses a number of topics including psychic attack, curses, witch craft (black magic), spirit attachment, possession, soul retrieval, haunting, soul rescue, deliverance & exorcism to name but a few classification of psychic intrusions or attacks.

1. Most psychic attacks came from general negativity in the universe. Advertisements, sales pitches, emotional baggage of all sorts from people in your life, news stories of crime and rip-offs, and so on comprise this group, you need not to go to any called black magic specialist Baba Ji for clearing such energies of 1st stage.


2. The next most frequent type of Psychic attack originates from “discarnates”.

Discarnates are the entities or souls that were once human, but now are in between life times. These ghost or poltergeists are often troupled spirits. They may be a departed loved one or just some soul that had a traumatic death. Paranormal psychologist of mind solutions can be contacted for release of discarnates and sending them to divine light. Mind solution team of paranormal psychologists is black magic specialist and is always there to help you if you have any problem related to Bhoot Pret or Kala Jadu.


3. The third category consists of negative projection techniques or black magic. This group is made up of premeditated attacked by specific individuals or groups of people practicing the black arts, including voodoo, black magic, the black brotherhood and any other listing of this type. The so called vashikaran specialists &/or Tantrics are causing a great harm to people with kala jadu and by projecting bhoot prêt in some one’s energy fields.

 Of course, the black magic removal needs a lot of care and expertise. Mind solutions expert team of paranormal psychologist is the best choice if you are searching for a black magic specialist or vashikaran specialist to get rid of kala jadu remotely. Market is over crowded with so called black magic specialist Baba ji which are causing more harm then reuse their clients.


4.Demonic entities comprise the fourth listing. This group is the most dangerous. ‘Khetarpal’ – a well known Indian demonic force comes in this listing. Khetarpal attacks mostly females on their sexual organs. The suffer passes through a terrible state. No vashikaran specialist or black magic specialist Baba ji even dare to remove demonic forces.

Demonic entities were never humans and represent pure evil. Their main goal is to take over the body and soul of a human.

Paranormal psychologists team of mind solutions can be contacted if you have problems of any kind of psychic attacks.

Black magic (kala jadu) entity/demonic possession can result into total destruction of the person at target over a period of time. Kala jadu or vashikaran specialists are evil forces in the society which are detrimental to the circumstances and future prospects of innocents and destroy their destiny, depriving them of what they were destined for. Every effort of the victim result in failure and the person suffering from black magic or kala jadu find himself or herself unable to fulfil one’s desire and achieve him/her goals. The victim psyche is affected grievously due to black magic or spirit possession that are loses the will power and mental energy to fight back. This all results into loss of desire to live the life.

Kala Jadu or Black Magic might be affecting you without you even knowing it. If you suspect, you or any of your loved ones is being attacked or affected by black magic or entity intrusion, in some way, the signs below might be present in you or someone you love.

Signs & Symptoms of Black Magic ( Kala Jadu) Spirit Attachment Or Demonic Attack on Physical Health, Mental Health, Financial Health & Relationships.



If you see any of the symptoms in your state of health then, don’t hesitate to call Paranormal Psychologists of Mind Solutions, the Black Magic specialists.

  1. Rise or fall in weight without apparent reasons.
  2. Continuous Headache attacks.
  3. Loss of memory.
  4. Bad breath & bad odour from body.
  5. Sudden change in eating & drinking habits.
  6. Sudden eruption of dark spots, pimples and change in skin colour.
  7. Body pains without any reason.
  8. Constant kidney, stomach and back pain without any medical history.
  9. Feeling pricking of needles & nails in the skin over various body parts.
  10. Feeling as if insect are crawling on body.
  11. Feeling pressure on chest or as if someone is pressing the throat.
  12. Miscarriage or infertility.
  13. Impotence or overly increased sexual desire.
  14. Feeling of getting raped vigorously by someone.
  15. Constant sickness despite clear medical reports.
  16. Blue spots on skin or thighs.
  17. Feeling sleepy & low energy all the times.
  18. All diseases not responding to medical treatment.



The intrusion of entities Black Magic or Kala Jadu severely effect the mental state of the victim. Some of the mental symptoms may be as listed below:

  1. Alcoholic – Addictions – Bad Habits – Gambling – Criminal Activities
  2. Depression and frustration.
  3. Anger’s outburst.
  4. Fears & phobias of all kinds.
  5. Continuous sadness, hopelessness and dissatisfaction with life.
  6. Obsessive compulsive behaviour (OCD)
  7. Panic attacks, social phobia, shyness.
  8. Feeling of being watched by someone or having a feeling of shadows following the victim.
  9. Feeling of negative energy.
  10. Feeling of being dirty.
  11. Schizophrenic & paranoidal tendencies.



Black Magic or Kala Jadu & entity possession affects the relationships adversely. Paranormal Psychologists of Mind Solutions, the Black Magic specialists have found these symptoms in their client’s relationships.

  1. Infertility in males & females.
  2. More than one miscarriage even if the body is conceived.
  3. Disharmony in relationships, frequent quarrels & divorce or separation in relationships.
  4. Extra marital relations by one or both partners.
  5. Sudden change in attitude – moving from love to bitterness.
  6. Doubting the partner without any reason.
  7. Failure in enjoying a happy relationship.
  8. Blockage in marriage or love.


  1. Loss in Money.
  2. Extreme bad luck.
  3. Facing failure in every endeavour.
  4. Failure of business or blockages in financial prosperity.
  5. Loss of home, business or property.
  6. Debt


  1. Sleep disorder.
  2. Nightmares
  3. Watching animals, lion, wild animals, stray dogs, snake, lizard, monkey, camel etc. in sleep.
  4. Watching sea and mountains in night mares.
  5. Flying in air dreams.
  6. Seeing one’s self drowning, being burnt alive etc. etc.

If you have any of these symptoms, Paranormal Psychologists of Mind Solutions are just a call away to get the help you need on 9592004567.

All you need a Black Magic specialist Psychologist and not a Black Magic specialist Baba ji.

Just know, vashikaran specialists and tantriks are doing a great harm to society by using Black Magic (Kala Jadu) and projecting Bhoot Pret in your energy system.

For Remote Spirit Releasement to get rid off Black Magic or Kala Jadu and cleaning of discarnates and demonic forces, don’t hesitate to call our Paranormal Psychologists on 9592004567 or 8198804567.