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What is Regression ?

Regression is a process of recall. In a sense, it is the reactivation of stored memories, memories that are stored within the Subconscious or Super Conscious. Regressing is a process that just about anyone can do if they relax deeply enough and let go. Every person differs in how much time it takes them to relax. They must be able to relax to the level where they can recall information stored deep within.

Most of us have glimpses of the past through what we call, “deja vu” experiences. Deja Vu is when we recall a moment in time, which in some way, is similar to an event which is about to occur. An example of this is visiting a place for the first time and yet it seems as if you have been there before. Sometimes we experience dreams of past events, so far back that it could not have happened in our lifetime.

We all posses the ability to recall our past; some can easily recall events further back than others. There are those however, who need to be taught to relax and then can be guided in the process of recalling. At Mind Solutions we assist a person in recalling their past and techniques to help them to relax to the level where the process of Regression can occur.

Types of Regression


Age regression is the recalling of events, which have occurred during the present incarnation of a person. It can be done in various degrees of recall. By this we mean that it can be as simple as a “knowing” by the client. It can also be as profound as the client not only speaking from a younger age but also seeing though the eyes and mind of that person when they were younger.


Past-Life Regression is the recalling of information from a person’s Superconscious where all of that person’s past personalities reside. Past Life Regression is the process by which a person can Recall all the information of Past Lives or Previous Incarnations. In the process, the practitioner must have his client achieve true somnambulism in order to fully access his client’s Superconscious.

The mechanics are simple; in true somnambulism the present day Subconscious creates a communication link with that particular past-life personality who is located in the Superconscious. Information is then relayed through the present day Subconscious and reenacted through the physical form. This is different from the approach of most Hypnotists and Psychologists who are unskilled in achieving depth and at Mind Solutions The Experienced Psychologists and Clinical Hypnotherapists uses this unique way of Spiritual Hypnosis for successful Past Life Regression of a person.


Spiritual Regression is the combination of Past Life and Life Between Lives (LBL). Spiritual Regression deals with the Immortal Soul and Afterlife.

Spiritual Regression is the process by which an Individual can recall the information of Life between Lives i.e the period when the Soul travels in the Spirit World after Death of a person and before New Incarnation into the Earth Realm.


  • The use of regression is an effective tool to use in a Therapy practice to locate the root cause of a client’s problem, affliction or behavior.
  • Regression bring one to the exact cause, but in many cases, it can give you clues to the cause, unbeknown to the the individual.
  • Regression can help an Individual to identify and know his Life Purpose.
  • Regression can help an individual to know the causes to an underlying Physical Problem viz Migraines, Asthma, Cancer etc.
  • Regression can help an individual to know the causes to Emotional Problems viz Anger, Jealousy, Panic, Fears etc.
  • Regression can help an individual to know the root causes to acute or chronic Mental Problems viz Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Mental Burdens etc.
  • Regression can help an individual to identify the problems or blockages related to Spiritual Conditions viz Disconnection from self, Soul Loss, Fear of Death etc.
  • Regression can help an individual to know the causes underlying Financial Conditions viz Loss of Money, Business Loss, Poverty etc.
  • Through the use of regression, a skilled practitioner can assist a client in solving issues with family members and coworkers alike.
  • Regression provides clues to the cause of a client’s health issues. This then can give the client insight to the proper path for healing.
  • Regression can also give a person a personal glimpse into his past through the use of self regression techniques. Sort of, peek into the well of past events. It can help a person to understand and identify patterns of behavior.
  • It can help a person in understanding present relationships, whether it be family or friends.