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Who We Are ?

The Mind Solutions is a powerful and dedicated team of Highly Educated and Experienced Psychologists, Behavioural Experts, Counselors, Therapists, Educationists, Spiritual Healing Grand Masters, Wealth Coaches and Paranormal Psychologists, who have been working in the field of Spiritual Psychology and Rapid Mind Transformations for the last 20 years under Dynamic Leadership Of Devinder Sohal & Divraj Sohal
Team Mind Solution has developed a Powerful New System of Mind Reprogramming, which has helped thousands of our clients to End their Physical, Mental, Emotional, Educational, Financial and Spiritual Sufferings.

What Are Rapid Mind Transformation System Home Programs

Rapid Mind Transformation System Home Programs are a Valuable Treasure Trove of Programs designed after years of clinical practice of Team Mind Solutions, in which we have combined 11 Scientifically Proven Fastest Mind Reprogramming Therapies & Techniques to provide 100% Guaranteed, Fast Solution to any of your problems. The Therapies we have used in each Session of Every Program are as under :

  1. REM Spiritual Trance Technique
  2. Dynamic Spiritual Healing Therapy..
  3. Rapid Belief Transformation Therapy
  4. Advanced Psychology & Hypnotherapy
  5. Direct Hetero & Auto Suggestions Therapy
  6. Repetitive Hammering Technique
  7. Miracle Manifestation  Technique
  8. Neuro Linguistic Programming Therapy
  9. Subliminal Messaging Programming Technique
  10. Cosmic Laws Activation Technique
  11. Theta Frequency Brain Entrainment Music Therapy
What It Can Be Used For
  • Mental Disorders : Stress& Anxiety,Depression,Sadness,Nervousness,Panic Attack,Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Sleep Disorders, Unwanted Racing Thoughts, Negative thinking, ADHD etc…
  • Emotional Problems : Anger,Stubbornness,Frustration,Unruly Behaviour, Love Trauma (Break Up, Rejection Or Divorce), Lack of Confidence , Low Self-Esteem, Personality Disorders, Love and Marriage Blockages etc. 
  • Physical diseases : All Psychosomatic disorders including Diabetes, Migraine, Blood pressure, Hypo or Hyper Thyroid, Hormone Imbalance Problems, Menstrual Problems, Joint Pains, Physical Weakness, Sexual Weakness (Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation), Obesity, Infertility etc.… 
  • Education & Learning Problems : Poor Study Habits, Slow Learning, Poor Concentration, Weak Memory, Fear Of Exam, Poor Academic Results, Fear of English, Low IQ, Delayed Recalling of Memorized facts & Figures 
  • Bad Habits : Drugs Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Porn Addiction, Sex Addiction, Opposition Defiance Disorder in Children, Bad Manners and Disobedient Children, Social Media Addiction, Cell Phone addiction and Video Gaming Addiction etc.
  • Financial Problems : Debt, Money Constraints, Poverty, Poor Sales, Failures in Achieving Goals…
  • Spiritual Development : Shiva Netra(Third Eye)Opening, Kundilini Awakening, Past Life Regression, Spiritual World Communications, Astral Travels, Miracle Manifestation and Psychic Powers Development etc.
Choose Your Program

Click on Any Program You Need from under mentioned Programs Categories with 150+ Sessions , Read its contents Carefully, Buy it Online and Download it Instantly OR Call/Whatsapp + 91-9592004567 for help.

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What Are These Life Changing Programs

According to Scientific Research, 90% of our problems are psychosomatic, i.e. they are directly related to the thoughts and beliefs residing in our subconscious mind.
All mental diseases, many physical diseases, all Sex Problems, Education & Learning Problems, Personality Disorders, bad habits, bitterness in relationships, lack of money and all other troubles are directly linked to programmings running in your Sub Conscious Mind.

Be Aware that No Medicine can change your Thoughts and Subconscious Progams. All You need to change your life is changing your thought patterns. By removing negative thoughts from the mind and inserting new positive beneficial thoughts, you can easily get rid of all of your problems, for which these programs will help you with 100% Guaranteed Results.

How We Are Being Programmed

Every kind of right or wrong programming is being done by our own parents, siblings, family, relatives, friends, colleagues, religious preachers, leaders, teachers, TV channels, movies, Internet, social media, newspapers, books etc… Apart from this,collective consciousness, is also an important source of our mind’s programming… From your birth till today, every day, every moment, knowingly or unknowingly, you are being programmed…

With good and positive programming, as a successful person in the world, you touch the heights of vibrant health, wealth, love and spirituality… But Negative programming brings a flood of sorrows, illnesses, financial troubles and failures in your life.

Your Sufferings Clearly Indicate That You Are Still A Victim Of Some Old Worthless , Destructive Programming That Resides In Your Subsconscious Mind. It Needs To Be Banished & Replaced With New Beneficial Programs.

What Is Mind Reprogramming

The best and most effective tool to initiate changes and personal development is – Mind Reprogramming… Your Subconscious Mind is million times more powerful than your conscious mind… whatever thoughts we put into it, same kind of life it gives to us… Think of Your Subconscious Mind as a Robot which corresponds to the programming it has receieved. Mind Reprogramming is a simple and easy method by which your Conscious Mind, is temporarily separated from your Subconscious Mind, (moving intoTrance)for accessing your subconscious mind to remove and eliminate the old Negative thoughts, Negative Beliefs And  to install new Positive Beliefs, Positive Attitudes, Good Habits and Practices in it.Working on which, your subconscious mind, accordingingly reshapes your life… www.mmm.com

How You Can Reprogram Your Mind

To access the subconscious mind, remove Negative thoughts and Beliefs that have grown within it,and replace them with positive and beneficial beliefs and behavioural patterns, the best and Amazingly Powerful Tool which You have,is Rapid Mind Transformation System Home Programs which are a combination of 11 Scientifically Proven Mind Reprogramming Therapies

For Any Further Information or Guidance , Feel Free to Call/Whatsapp Mind Solutions Team at +91-9592004657

Testimonials - Mind Solutions
""Your Brain power Program was very helpful and thought-provoking and changed my life entirely as after listening to only the first Session my behaviour and habits changed for betterment in my life and the complete program has now made me a more confident person..." "
Harkarmanpreet Kaur
"Many thanks to the team of Mind Solutions and Manroop Miracle Mind. I took so many medicines to overcome my obsession but even after prolong consumption of medicines i was not able to treat my OCD problem.. But OCD mukti kit changed my life forever. Now i am able to control my thoughts at will and due to this kit i am now free from my problem and medicines.. Wish i had undergone this program 10 years back when my problem was started but thanks to God and Team Mind Solutions for treating my problem and making my life better.... "
"Thank you Mind Solutions. Apki Memory Enhancement Program ke course ke baad meri Memory aur Recall bahut achi ho gayi hai. Mere parents bhi ab happy hai coz Main is baar ke exams mein bahut ache Marks se pass hua!"
"सर मेरा डिप्रेशन ठीक करने के लिए आपका बहुत शुक्रिया. काश मेरा आपसे 10 साल पहले संपर्क हुआ होता तो मुझे 10 साल जो मेडिसिन्स खानी पड़ी और पीड़ा झेलनी पड़ी शायद मैं उस से बच जाता. डिप्रेशन मुक्ति एक करिश्मा है और डिप्रेशन को जड़ से ख़तम करने के लिए एक अनिवार्य तरीका है. आपका दिल से शुक्रिया मेरा कॉन्फिडेंस वापिस लेन के लिए और डिप्रेशन को ख़तम करने के लिए. धन्यवाद् सर जी. "