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Who Else Want To End Their Sufferings & Become Healthier , Wealthier , Happier & Successful By Activating & Empowering Their Chakra System.


The Seven Chakras in Human body are seven main Energy centres where energy flows in & out of our body like a whirlpool. Each of the 7 Chakras in human body holds keys to specific Physical , Mental , Emotional , Financial , Energetic & Spiritual Issues.

A Blocked , Imbalanced , Under-Active , Over-Active or Weak Chakra System Can Ruin Your Life By Pushing You Into Diseases , Poverty , Bad Relations , Addictions & Failures in All Areas Of Your Life. 

Whereas , A Fully Balanced Activated & Empowered Chakra System brings Abundance of Health , Wealth , Happiness , Joy Success & Ultimate Spiritual Powers.

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Benefits of Chakra Empowerment Video Course !!!

1.Enjoy A Disease Free Healthy Life Forever.

2.Enjoy Continuous Money Shower Forever.

3.Enjoy Ultimate Loving Relationships Forever.

4.Achieve Great Success In Education or Career

5.Attain High Spiritual Powers.

6.Open Your Third Eye.

7.Manifest All Your Dreams & Desires Effortlessly.

8.Lead A Successful Life Forever.

9.Heal Yourself & Others.

Why You Must Buy Chakra Empowerment Video Program ?

Special Features of Chakra Empowerment Video Course !!!

1.No Online or Offline or Whatsapp Classes.

2.Instant Online Access.

3.Lifetime Backup.

4.Easy To Use.

5.Easily Affordable Gurudakshina @Rs 1111/- Only.

6.High Quality Video & Digital Sound.

What Will You Get In Chakra Empowerment Video Course

17 Powerful Videos


8 Meditations To Unblock , Balance , Empower & Activate Each Chakra


9 Fully Loaded Powerful Videos Giving Complete Knowledge Of Each Chakra


1 Bonus Free Video On Trans Reiki


Chakra Position Pdf & Jpg


Language : Hindi , भाषा : हिंदी


Total Duration : 5.5+ Hours


Lifetime Email & Whatsapp Support


What You Will Learn In This Course

7 Checkpoints To Become A Successful Chakra Healer

 1. Root Chakra

The 1st Chakra, the Root Chakra, represents our foundation and all that is grounded and secure. You will learn about Root Chakra functions , defects , imbalances & meditation to empower this chakra in the course.


 2. Sacral Chakra

The 2nd Chakra: The sacral chakra relates to our ability to feel creative, is linked to intimate life, and the acceptance of change. You will learn about Sacral Chakra functions , defects , imbalances & meditation to empower this chakra in the course.

 3. Solar Chakra

The 3rd Chakra is the solar plexus chakra, it represents our ability to be confident and in control of our life. You will learn about Solar Chakra functions , defects , imbalances & meditation to empower this chakra in the course.

 4. Heart Chakra

The 4th Chakra, the heart chakra, represents our capacity to love – the quality of our love, as well as our past and future love. You will learn about Heart Chakra functions , defects , imbalances & meditation to empower this chakra in the course.

5. Throat Chakra

The 5th Chakra, the Throat Chakra, represents our ability to communicate and express ourselves. You will learn about Throat Chakra functions , defects , imbalances & meditation to empower this chakra in the course.

 6. Third Eye Chakra

The 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra), is linked to our ability to focus and see bigger. You will learn about Third Eye Chakra functions , defects , imbalances & meditation to empower this chakra in the course.

 7. Crown Chakra

The 7th and highest Chakra, the Crown Chakra, represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. You will learn about Crown Chakra functions , defects , imbalances & meditation to empower this chakra in the course.

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I am a Spiritual Healer and I must say that this is the most informative and systematic course on Chakras I have ever seen. It includes all the aspects of Chakra healing and has helped me a lot in my spiritual practice. The meditations has helped me a lot in increasing my vibrations and helping my clients more effectively. I am looking forward for other programs from Team Mind Solutions. Heartiest gratitude.

"I found my fiance within 21 days of balancing my chakras with this specific system! I’m in love! I totally underestimated the power of chakras and will never make that mistake ever again. Open yourself to the power of Mind Solutions Chakra Activation System and you'll never be the same again.”

“After I lost my job and my girlfriend in the same week, I decided to use Chakra Empowerment system to align my chakras. I can’t believe how my luck has turned around. Within 3 weeks I've managed to find a new job that pays me 35% more than my previous job. Can you believe that? It’s like I’m living a completely new life!”

“I’m a writer and my writer’s block has vanished. Not only that but my creativity has been unleashed. I had been working on my book for over 14 months now. But after Chakra Empowerment program, I finally completed my book within the next 3 weeks. Balancing your Chakras really gets you into the flow. You get more done. Things just flow smoothly throughout your life. You can to try it to experience it. ”

I was lucky to get the Chakra Empowerment Program from Mind Solutions. I went to different interviews and was so close to get a job but never heard anything back. I was so disappointed in myself and disheartened. After downloading the program and listening to it, not only I got the best job in my favourite company but also realised how your subconscious brain actually works. It was a wonder and I would really like to thank the Mind Solution team from the bottom of my heart and wish them all the best for the future.

Course Syllabus

Know Your Trainers !

Guru Devinder Ji
(The Creator)


Psy. Divraj Sohal
(The Speaker)



Frequently Asked Questions

You can practise each chakra meditation daily or as per your convenience. 

You’ll learn the science of Chakra Healing System including its Functioning , Checking Blockages , Balancing & Empowering to solve all your life problems.

Yes, you will get lifetime free support from us and we will help you out with all your queries. We have a dedicated support system.

Well, there are two best timings. One upon awakening in the morning & the other is 30 minutes before sleep. However , if these timings are not available , you can practise anytime during the day.

So, What are you waiting for ? Hurry up!

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